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Every patient deserves the highest level of care possible, no matter the stage of life. At Always Better Care, our only goal is for our patients to feel happy and independent—all from the comfort of the home. Our compassionate staff provides high-quality, individualized service that promotes dignity and an independent lifestyle. We recognize that people generally feel more comfortable and heal more quickly in their own homes. Providing competent care and responsive service is our highest priority.

Home Health Care in Las Vegas

Take advantage of healing from the comfort of your own Las Vegas home with our home health care service! Whether it’s your own or a relative’s home, an assisted living center, a retirement home, or even a hotel room (in cases of extended stays in treatment cities), we’re available 24 hours a day to provide the care you need.

Our goal is to help each patient live a happier, healthier, and more independent life. Because most people feel more comfortable and heal more quickly at home, we’re happy to come to you. Our home health care services are available 24 hours a day and anywhere you call home, including your own or a relative’s home, a retirement or assisted living center, or even a hotel room (in the case of an extended stay in a treatment city). And all services are always performed under the direction of your primary care physician.

Our Home Health Care Services

Our skilled home care services cater to you. Our staff of nurses, home health aides, medical social workers, and rehabilitation experts are all trained to assist you with anything you might need and are available to work around your schedule.

Nursing Services

  • a health needs assessment
  • pain management
  • medication management and instruction
  • wound care
  • diabetic care and instruction
  • IV therapy
  • tube feeding and nutritional education
  • blood draws
  • bowel and catheter care
  • ostomy care and instruction
  • CHF and COPD care

Additional Services Offered

  • Home Health Aide Services: bathing, mobility, and transfer assistance
  • Rehabilitation Care: physical and occupational therapy
  • Medical Social Services: financial and community resources, as well as emotional support for the patient and family

Paying for Home Health Care

If you’re concerned about the cost of home health care, you’re not alone! Most people are surprised at how affordable home care can be.


Medicare (Part A) covers 100% of the cost of home health care if a patient requires skilled care services and is homebound (see above for more information on skilled care services). A patient is considered homebound if he or she can only leave home with great difficulty. However, Medicare does allow a patient to leave home for up to three hours per week (though doctor visits and church services are exempt).

Medicaid provides home health care services when the patient requires skilled care and doesn’t meet the homebound criteria required by Medicare. Contact your Medicaid provider to determine your eligibility and to learn which services are covered.

Several private insurance plans cover some of the costs of home health care. Check with your insurance provider to find out which services they cover.

Social service organizations have provisions that occasionally place the patient on a waiting list for services. These services are often time-restricted and are determined based on the patient’s financial situation and other eligibility requirements.

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