Vernal, UT

Landmark Assisted Living is seeking an organized, self-motivated, task-oriented person for our Maintenance Director position. This hands-on position will carry out the maintenance services, provide information and resources to the Executive Director and others, plan, evaluate, develop and complete projects while in compliance with established guidelines, codes, regulations, and budgets of the building.

Essential Functions:

  • Maintain a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for the residents
  • Working knowledge of building systems and related code requirements
  • Demonstrate high proficiency and understanding of systems such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and code compliance
  • Maintain water source heat pumps
  • Know how to operate and maintain a boiler heat system
  • Handle multiple priorities
  • Assess incidents, complaints, etc for the purpose of resolving or recommending a resolution to the situation
  • Ensure the integrity and operational order of locks, doors, and windows
  • Develops a preventative maintenance program for the purpose of ensuring our building is maintained in a safe condition
  • Remain within budget for planned projects
  • Seeks approval for projects over $1000 from Executive Director
  • Inspects all aspects of contracted projects including repair work, work order, daily maintenance, etc.
  • Is responsible for ordering cleaning chemicals for the housekeeping staff
  • Is responsible for staying current with the Utah Rules and Regulations
  • Keeps a daily logbook of all projects completed in the building
  • Does a quarterly review and walk-through of building to assess potential projects
  • Maintains emergency water supply
  • Tracks and records hot water temperatures on a monthly basis
  • Works with the Executive Director and Care Coordinator to ensure that rooms are prepared for new residents in a timely manner.
  • Participates in all staff meetings on a monthly basis
  • Operate standard equipment
  • Ensure all units are working in the building
  • The majority of projects are to be completed in house.
  • Contract work that cannot be done by maintenance staff
  • Work with fire marshals to ensure we are within code
  • Manage housekeepers and ground staff, including working with the executive director when disciplinary action is necessary
  • Accomplish repairs and alterations to buildings and equipment systems.
  • Provide technical support, product information, research, and quality assurance guidance
  • Maintain OSHA and fire code compliance

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