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Rocky Mountain Cares to #ScatterSunshine in Price

By October 25, 2019Price

Throughout the Summer of 2019, Rocky Mountain Hospice & Home Care – Price joined forces with the local community to share some joy through service and kindness. The team created a community-wide campaign through social media to #scattersunshine to anyone and everyone.

As a campaign kick-off, The Studio in Price was so generous to donate some cheerful paintings to Rocky Mountain Care for their first project for #scattersunshine. The paintings now hang beautifully on the walls at Parkdale Health and Rehab to bring sunshine and cheer to everyone who sees them.

These photos were only the beginning of a community project filled with service and sunshine. From #scattersunshine pass-along cards, yard work, or lightening the load of a sleepless caretaker, Rocky Mountain Hospice & Home Care is bringing smiles to the many faces of Carbon and Emery counties. The team has even had sunshine scattered in their favor!

Join in on all the fun and serve in your community by leaving a nice note, help someone out around their yard, or simply flash a nice smile. If you would like to be involved in the campaign, tag your project on social media with #scattersunshine or #rockymountaincares. You never know whose day you might brighten.